Dodge Ram Van Magnum V8 motor installation

I install a re-man. long block 318 Magnum V8 into my 1997 Dodge B2500 Ram Van

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Japanese Dodge vans at a DAJIBAN meeting at Ebisu Circuit
Alexi goes to a Dajiban (Dodge van) meeting at Ebisu Circuit to see what makes Japanese Dodge vans so unique. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: noriyaro

Dodge 5.9L Engine Build Update
so here it guys the start of a new project. i know i am a little late on the video but here she is anyways

Dropping the Transmission from my Dodge Van for Repair in Tampa
Spidervan gets a Tranny Job. I will try to video the repair and re install. Jeff's Transmission in Tampa Florida. Mike! Thank you for allowing me get in the way with my camera. Jeff will allow me to video some other transmission work so search GV for Jeff's Transmission from time to time. I hope to do a time lapse video on a valve body overhaul. Jeff has a computer and jig for testing them so it should be interesting! camera + edit: Lyman Duggan