Audi S4 B8 vs Subaru Sti

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Stage 2+ STi gets smoked by stock S4
It's crazy how fast the S4 comes from the factory. Can't wait until my Dad upgrades the pulley and puts down some real power.

Project "Timmy" (B8 S4) vs R8 GT
One of our runs @ the Drag Strip. Not the best launch and the R8 gained some ground late ... good run though

Mustang GT 5.0 vs Audi S4 Tuned - 3x Races
Camera guy messed up on the last race - started video taping 2 seconds after they took off. Otherwise pretty good races, both cars are pushing similar power, it just depends who gets a better start. For the record Mustang was automatic also.

STi vs S4
Highway pull between my STi and my Dad's S4. Filmed on location in Mexico. Music by AudioNautix