Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Ford 460 Cylinder Head

John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine demonstrates non destructive testing (NDT) magnetic particle inspection (Magnaflux) on a 460 Ford cylinder head to determine if the head is cracked. (949) 631-6376

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Finding Cracks in Engine Parts
Jim Richardson shows how to easily Magnaflux engine parts for crack detection. Part of the Eastwood series of tips.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

324 Oldsmobile Cracked Cylinder Head Repair
This Oldsmobile 324 Rocket cylinder head has a crack, watch John Edwards as he repairs is at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. (949) 631-6376 Be sure to "Click" and SUBSCRIBE.

How to magnaflux an engine block
Demonstration of magnafluxing an engine block. This is done to find cracks in an engine block. Block being used for demo is a chevrolet small block.