- Ceazdachamp HI-Boost 1.9 10 Second Turbo Street Civic Coupe!

Check for more videos!! Here is Ceasar's turbo Civic Coupe from Agressive Motorsports. I was able to get the car on two 10 sec passes at Atco. Also, he had a couple of things to say on the camera afterward. Enjoy!

More Videos... - Kojack's CLM Racing 9 Sec Turbo Civic!!!
We were at the track back in October when CLM Racing dipped into the 9s with Kojack's Civic. Needless to say here is the video. Here are the two passes which we have on tape. Enjoy! - Ceazdachamp HI-Boost 1.9 Honda Civic... 9 Second NYC Street Car!!!
Here is an update on Ceasar's car as he recently layed down a 9 sec pass. Checkout for more videos!!! Checkout for the best automotive parts pricing on the internet! - Brian Fisher's Inline Pro All Motor 11sec Civic @ E-Town Fall Nationals 2006!
Here is a quick video of three passes from Brian Fisher and his all motor Civic. These passes happened during the NHRA Fall Nationals event. Please keep in mind that he is running on BFGoodrich Drag Radial street tires. Checkout for more videos!!

Civic roubado no Silveira, perseguição policial.
Viatura da 22° Cia do 16° BPM PERSEGUE Honda Civic tomado de assalto. Muito esforço e palio 1.4 acompanha o veiculo.