My first ride test on Ford Mustang 2010 GT

5.0 badges on 4.6 :))

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Hey guys, so my friends had never rode in my car so I decided to show them some sprints, and some corners. Imagine that, Mustangs taking corners. hmmm...

2010 Mustang gt drive with GoPro HD Hero 2
Driving around in my uncles 2010 Mustang GT convertable. The gold 2000 Mustang gt is mine. Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2 at 960/30fps. The 2010 is completeley stock and the 2000 has a SSS Terminator catback, everything else is stock.

Ford Unveils the 2015 Mustang
Get your first look at the 50th anniversary edition of the iconic car.

My 2010 Mustang Premium Edition V6
Saw a few people posting walk arounds of their Mustangs and thought I would as well. Let me know what you think. One major correction, 2 subs, ONE per door. Sorry the steering wheel is dirty.