1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Max Wedge

FYI a 63 Plymouth max wedge car was the fastest muscle car tested by Hot Rod Magazine, 12.6 second 1/4 mile. It was a all steel full weight car. NO hood scoop, low compression version, they added 4.56 gears and 9 inch wide slicks, otherwise all stock. Oh ya, Max Wedge cars are not Muscle Cars, since muscle cars weren't invented yet.

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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury, 383 V-8, automatic Console, nice sharp car
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1963 Plymouth Fury
1963 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando 2 Door Hard Top. "Rat Poison" Drag Race car. Original CA car that still has '63 black and orange plate. Came with Manual Transmission and Big Block, not sure which one. I purchased it in a million pieces after sitting in a Pole Barn for many years. Several decades ago someone turned it into a pro street or drag car called Rat Poison. I decided to build it with an old school theme, honoring the tremendous performance legacy of Mopar in the early '60s. Doing nothing to the body except reassembly. Engine: 451 Stroker. 400 Block, 440 Crank, Keith Black pistons, Roller Tip Rockers, .564 lift cam. Why? 65 pounds lighter than 440 and 7.6 pounds less rotation mass. Cool old school set up. Transmission: New Process A833 B body with original linkage and shifter for the Fury. Had to run a Hydraulic clutch since linkage would not clear Fender exit Headers and they were a must. More work but I had to keep it a 4 spd. Rear: Narrowed 8 3/4 inch 3.91 gears.

Rob Mosher's 1963 Dodge 330 500 inch Max Wedge
Rob Mosher's 1963 Dodge 330 500 inch Max Wedge

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
Abingdon, MD Lowes 7 Sep 12 Nice looking big block Plymouth. That's the correct double hump scoop, too, for wedge powered cars.