How to Spray Paint a Car at Home Yourself (Aerosol)

A much more updated version here, please watch instead - See the Materials Used Here Refinish Network consists of various professional and enthusiast painters whom work collectively to help eachother out using the websites discussion forum. You will also find various helpful 'how to' articles from painting to body repairs. This video illustrates how to paint a car using only aerosol spray cans. It is best to use a spray gun where possible, however it is possible to paint a car yourself with an Aerosol Spray Can.

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Professional results from a spray can. The right way
I showed you how to roll it on, now I show you how to spray it on. I'm not sure who did the music, as soon as I find out I will update this.

How to use Spray Cans to touch up car paint scratches like a pro! founder Collin Harris shows how to touch up a large area of unpainted surface and paint scratches with a spray can on his ranch truck. For more touch up paint directions visit our how to use touch up paint page: You can find and order your touch up paint color on our site here:

Repair Automotive Paint Scratches With Spray Paint STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean: :01 - :27. First with soapy water or glass cleaner. Next with wax and grease remover. 2. Scuff: :27 - :45. With grey pad and firm pressure, scuff all paint surfaces within 24 inches of damage. Clean. 3. Sand. :45 - 1:31. Apply masking tape around scratches to prevent repair from 'growing.' Sand the damage with 220 grit sandpaper. 4. Fill (if necessary): 1:32 - 2:44 . If damage cannot be smoothed with sandpaper, fill with putty and spreader. Wait 5-10 minutes to dry (use heat gun below 50 degrees fahrenheit). Sand with 220 grit sanpdpaer. 5. Apply primer: 2:45 - 4:45 . Cover nearby areas with paper. Shake for 30 seconds and apply 4 lights coats. Wait 15 - 20 minutes to dry (use heat gun below 50 degrees fahrenheit). Remove Sand with 600 grit sandpaper. Keep paper wet. Sand edges of primer until smooth. 6. Apply base coat: 4:45 - 7:40. Shake can 30 seconds. Test spray pattern on cardboard. Apply multple light coats, vertical and horizontal, being sure to 'blend' new paint with old. Wait 5-10 minutes to dry. Never apply masking tape to the part your are painting to avoid 'picture frame' effect. 7. Apply clear coat: 7:40 - 9:34. Apply light coat. Apply heavier coat. Clear coat is dry in 20 minutes.

How To Paint Any Car Yourself - Step-by-Step Car Painting in 12 Minutes!
Learn how to paint a car as Tony Bandalos walks you through a birds eye view of the complete car painting process. Learn how to paint your car here: Get complete auto body and paint DOMINATION and training here: Check out the blog post here: inting-steps-in-12-minutes/ I walk you step-by-step and show you what sand papers to use, how to pull out dents, how to use a stud welder, how to lay body filler, how to prime and how to paint. There is a lot more details involved to completing a show room paint job and I do want to show you that as well. Check out: to learn more about our world famous DIY auto body and paint course that can help you create your dream project that everyone will envy! Get A 85-Page Auto Body & Paint Manual + 7-Day Video Boot-Camp Access Here: Connect on Facebook for More FREE Updates: Connect on Google Plus: Shop Here for Best Value High Quality Spray Guns: