Scaring the crap out of my wife

She hates when I do this!

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Mom's Reaction to 1250WHP Twin Turbo Gallardo
RIDE IN THIS CAR: So I mounted up a hidden GoPro camera and took my mom for her first ride in my 1250WHP Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo by Underground Racing. The result was priceless and I almost feel bad posting this, but you know I had to. Love you Mom! Hahaha Instagram:

Mom's reaction to turbo Supra
Took my Mom for her first ride in my single turbo Supra. Instagram: @moesupra P.S. Car will never be for sale ;) Watch my feature on Mighty Car Mods!

Scaring my Mom in her Own Car!
Her Pontiac Solstice LOVES to drift, but she doesn't know. Mother's Day was a perfect time to show her how I have fun! If only she felt the same... :) Subscribe for more fun videos! Scaring her in my 240sx - Shirts and Stickers - Her Solstice HATES to go in a straight line, and after some pleading I got her to slide it with her! Social Media: Snapchat - Adam_LZ

Moms reaction to Mustang! Massive Freak Out!
My mom rides in my Mustang for the first time. Little does she know I was recording. Did a little first and second gear pull. To see the pulls and skip all the talking go to 1:08 & 3:25! Hey everyone! Thank you for watching my video! If you enjoyed it do me a favor and demolish that like button. Also slap that subscribe button if you want to see future content! Follow Me On! ►Twiter ►Instagram Filmed in Mexico