Scaring the crap out of my wife

She hates when I do this!

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F1 driver drives his wife
A F1 driver takes his wife for a drive, doesn't know about the camra.

Mom's reaction to turbo Supra
Took my Mom for her first ride in my single turbo Supra. Instagram: @moesupra P.S. Car will never be for sale ;) Watch my feature on Mighty Car Mods!

Man Terrified During Test Drive
-For those who dont understand arabic The driver is saying to the guy next to him - Driver : so as you told me you have alot of cars and you drift alot so it is normal for you right? - Terrified guy : yeah of course!! In the end as you see he tried keeping his emotions in check, but once the drifting turned intense he just couldn't handle it! Probably the ride of his life.

opening vtec with mom in the car