93 accord vs 96 mustang gt (in car)

race 3 once again the video speaks for itself! cant blame him for trying!!

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5.0 Mustang vs Honda Accord Street Race
My manager and I having a little fun after work. My Honda is all stock and isn't fast, but it was just something to do for a little fun. 5.0 vs 2.2

93 accord vs 96 mustang gt
race 2 Mustang wins. he gets a decent launch and pulls me at the end!

Turbo Honda Sleeper - Test Drive
7lb Wastegate Spring, 7.1 Peak Boost in the Controllers Settings. Stock Internals F22A6 with 283,000 miles on it. T4 turbo & Full Interior with No weight Reduction. 89-Octane Fuel. Test Passes on a Damp Street. ----------------------------------------- What do you think it will run? ----------------------------------------- BEFORE the turbo: 0-60: 9.65 seconds 0-100: unknown. 1/8: 10.55 seconds 1/4: unknown turbo with 7lbs Wastegate & Controller: 0-60: 8.18 seconds 0-100: 20.5 Seconds 1/8: 10.66 seconds 1/4: 16.10 seconds I know.... it was faster in the 1/8 mile? (on a DRY road with No Tire Spin, yes it was) It should be faster than this.. Can I go Full Boost, and give it all it's Got? Sure I can squeeze more out of it... If I wanted to risk blowing it up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- UPDATE: After several Months of Daily Driving, it stopped smoking. I can only assume that the only reason it was doing it, is because there was too much oil in the engine.

Accord vs Mustang GT
Head up... Mods... Accord...unknown Mustang...unknown Accord takes it...