Suzuki DRZ 400SM with Hotcams and full Yoshi sound at idle (HD)

2005 with a few mods. Hot Cams, JD jet kit, full Yoshi Exhaust, lowered gearing. Goes like stink!

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2008 DRZ400SM Black FMF Powercore Powerbomb Header
2008 DRZ400SM Black FMF Powercore Powerbomb Header

DRZ400 0-100 (60mph) acceleration
Heres my DRZ400sm doing a few 0-100 runs to see how long it takes to 100ks. It manages pretty decent times, though it seems to vary greatly depending on the road surface. Theres also a slight 1/3 - 1/2 sec lag on the digital speedo of the bike, so it might be reaching 100 slightly faster than it shows. Im a very light rider (only 55kg) hence the fast acceleration times, as most ppl manage 5.5-6 seconds on these little beasts. Editing was done on Sony Vegas with the time clock generator.

2009 DRZ400SM with MRD/SSW full Exhaust

My first attempt at Supermoto drifting! DRZ 400 SM. Dane Britt.
Instagram: @DaneBritt Also, check this updated drift clip from a few months after this was shot. Thank you all for your support!! Some close ups and slow motion of drifting or power sliding or whatever you prefer to call it, on the DRZ 400 SM. This one is a 2009 model that has stock motor exept for a 52 tooth rear sprocket. Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee watch some of my newer clips, because they got lots better! HAHA! Thanks!