Suzuki DRZ 400SM with Hotcams and full Yoshi sound at idle (HD)

2005 with a few mods. Hot Cams, JD jet kit, full Yoshi Exhaust, lowered gearing. Goes like stink!

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this is my neighbors supermotard and this bike it a monster! not even reved to the max!!! it has a water-cooled engine. its got a yoshimura hp Exhaust system. its got nice big custom wheels on it. i believe it's bored up to a 440cc with high a compression piston.

DRZ400 0-100 (60mph) acceleration
Heres my DRZ400sm doing a few 0-100 runs to see how long it takes to 100ks. It manages pretty decent times, though it seems to vary greatly depending on the road surface. Theres also a slight 1/3 - 1/2 sec lag on the digital speedo of the bike, so it might be reaching 100 slightly faster than it shows. Im a very light rider (only 55kg) hence the fast acceleration times, as most ppl manage 5.5-6 seconds on these little beasts. Editing was done on Sony Vegas with the time clock generator.

2008 DRZ400SM Black FMF Powercore Powerbomb Header
2008 DRZ400SM Black FMF Powercore Powerbomb Header

2017 SUZUKI DRZ400SM REVIEW | The Best Supermoto ?
2017 DRZ400SM ride Review from a Biased owner who actually knows what the fuck hes talking about. This is not a Spec sheet Review. Their will be shots fired towards other Youtubers. Can you Handle the Satire??? No. Im not Triggered, I was dared 😂😂. I aint no Bitch!!! 😜😂 Patreon: Follow me on Social Media: My patreons Channels! ThunderCatRidin: BroncoRide: 6miffedy: Keloran: 2017 DRZ400SM Supermoto 2015 GSXR600 Super Sport 2013 Suzuki DR650s Dualsport -RIP 2015 DR200 Dualsport My Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver &creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NIYJF6U&linkCode=as2&tag=gladiusjon-20&linkI d=47475dc92d5ad94f3fa0a30ba2e3d079 Generic Random Mic w/GoPro usb mic adapter 64 gig SD. My Gear: Helmet- Speed and Strength. 1720 Hard knock life. DOT, Snell, ECE Approved. Jacket- Joe Rocket. Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket Red/Black. CE Armor Sholder, Elbow, Spine. Jacket- Icon 1000. Hoodie Leather Jacket. D3O CE Shoulder, Elbow, Spine. Gloves- Scorpion eXo. Skrub, and Marshall Racing. Arctic Snow Pants- Speed and Strenght. Run with the Bulls Kevlar Paded. Boots- Icon Outro Song: Snapchat: ncsmusic • • • • • • Anikdote • • • • drz400sm, drz400s, supermoto, dr650, dr 650, suzuki, Sumo, SM, drz 400 sm, 2017 drz400sm, suzuki drz 400 sm, suzuki drz400sm, drz 400 supermoto, suzuki drz 400 supermoto, suzuki drz 400, drz 400sm, 2017 suzuki drz400sm, drz400sm 2017, dr-z400sm, supermoto 2017, drz 400 2017, dr650 supermoto, unknown, drz400 sm, 2017 dr650, 2017 drz400, drz 400 sm 2017, First motorcycle, how to, review