WRX STI 20G pull through the gears

Just going through a couple gears. 20G turbo full bolt ons and a tune.

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Subaru Impreza STI TD05-20G 380hp 0-120MPH acceleration
2.5 STI MY05 Launch control + Flat foot shift (lc+ffs) forged pistons & rods Manley Blouch old TD05-20G DW 850cc injectors FMIC autobahn88 crank power 380 hp / 505 nm (368 ftlb) 0-60mph 4,2s 0-120mph 14,8s

Boostaholics: I bought my dream car! 2016 WRX STi
http://www.Boostaholics.com - Hard work pays off. My dream finally came true. Once a 2002 WRX bugeye owner yearning for the STi life, I've finally got my dream car! After years of dedication and hard work, investment in life has finally paid off. Come with me and see what it's like to buy a brand new 2016 WRX STi and drive it off the showroom floor of Mastro Subaru in Tampa, Florida. I can't even begin to express how happy I am. It all started with a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX that I transformed into a WRC replica, then on to a fully built Evo 9 that was INSANELY fast.. and now I'm finally here. My dream car. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for making this possible! I couldn't be here without you, we did it together. Thank you for taking this incredible journey with me. Special thanks to LD Mendez, Sales Manager of Mastro Subaru and fellow car enthusiast! "L.D." Sales Manager ld@mastromotors.com 813-884-7513 http://www.mastrosubaru.com What's going to happen next? I've got a special update about the #Boostaholics GC8 that's happening next week! Subscribe! PS - Yes, I humped my Subaru on the showroom floor :P

Boostaholics: 2015 STi rotated 6266 E85 build beginnings...
http://www.Boostaholics.com - What's it like to take a brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STi and slap a rotated 6266 turbo kit on it and convert it to e85? It takes dedication, money, time, and that special Rev Works touch; this is the beginning of yet another chapter of the #Boostaholics automotive reality show! Bonus footage! 20g Forester STi swap Dyno, and C6 Z06 big cam racecar idle warm up! Say hello to Matthew Montano ( facebook.com/matthew.montano.90 ) and his 2015 STi. As the car currently sits, it has a FMIC, tune, and supporting fuel mods. He wants more Boost! What better way to get it than by visiting Rev Works in Orlando for their rotated 6266 turbo kit. He is going to go fast! Special thanks to Rev Works, Inc. http://www.revworksinc.com Be sure to subscribe so you can follow along with this build! http://www.Boostaholics.com

20G STi 10-85mph
It's hard to hold an iPhone and keep the wheel straight in low gears.