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1993 Honda Civic Surging Idle
Unchanged - Hunting Idle, Honda Civic

Idle Air Control Valve Surging Idle Fix Removal 2.4 liter Honda Accord
This fixed my surging idle problem I have had on my 2003 Honda Accord 2.4 liter. Worked Like a Charm! Check out my other video on how to diagnose the problem prior to removal.

2003 Honda Accord How To Test Idle Air Control Valve (Surging Idle)
My 2003 Honda Accord was idling up and down after attempting to bleed out shoe in cooking system I tested this and outs an easy test to try before going any further.

Surging idle 2002 Honda accord - bad idle air control valve
This video might help you diagnose a bad idle air control valve on your car, and explains how to get at it and clean it.