Police Car Dyno Challenge

Which Department can make the most power??

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Got the got damn police car on the Dyno.
Practicing on how to run thr Dyno the car torqued 198 horsepower.

2006 Dodge Charger 5.7L Hemi Police Package on the dyno
I have owned this Charger for less than one month and I thought I would put it on the Mustang Chassis Dynamometer to see what it could do in stock form. The chassis has about 81K on it while the Hemi has just under 26K on the replacement engine and the NAG1 has about 14K on it. The Hemi produced 285 lb-ft of torque and 267 rwhp, not too shabby for an old police cruiser.

650 RWHP Police Car
This is a race car run in the One Lap of America Race by a group of Ford engineers. It's a 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, with a modified ~2003 Mustang Cobra powerplant.

Dyno pulls - Lee Sicilio's Hemi Daytona Landspeed car
Car holds a number of records in "Classic" category at Bonneville. Current engine is a 498 CID Ray Barton Hemi with FAST XFI injection. These are the last two pulls to verify AFR and ignition at 7000+rpm before heading to Bonneville later this year, trying for a record in the Production category. Although we were not logging horsepower on these loaded pulls (not important) - the engine made 930 hp on Barton's Superflow engine Dyno. Special thanks to import tuner Steve Kan, who allowed us to use his facility in Fort Worth!