Shorty's Performance 2007 ZX-14 Stock motor run

2007 ZX-14 untouched motor! Runnin on MR12, Tuned by Do It Dyno signal hill, CA, PC3, Bike was set up by Shorty @Shorty's Performance

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ZX14 aka Mr. South Side
2006 Kawasaki ZX14, with a few mods, Brocks Sidewinder, 330 tire

ZX14 power wheelie 1st and 2nd slammed
2013 ZX14 shows its raw power even after being lowered

2012 Kawasaki ZX14r with full Brocks Alien Head 2 system and PCV
Walk through of my 2012 ZX14r, Recently installed Power Commander V and Brocks Alien Head 2, Dyno tuned it: results 200.21 HP with 116.17 ft lb torque

New ZX-14 Voodoo Exhaust
A quick test run on my newly installed Voodoo Exhaust.