Fast Driving Girls - Bonnie BMW Z4 2.5i Silver (V010) Bonnie drives the BMW Z4: driving, hard accelerating, shifting, pedal pumping, open road driving. Camera angle on: Bonnie (side, front), gearbox, dashboard, pedals, road. She wears a green dress, high-heeled opened-toe pumps, sunglasses. Top Speed: 190 Km/h - 120 MPH.

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Fast Driving Girls - Alys BMW Z4 (V026) Alys drives The BMW Z4. Accelerating, high speed, different camera angles. The video is splitted in 2 parts. - Part 1: Main camera at full screen; pedals in the small window. - Part 2: Pedals camera at full screen; other scenes in the small window. Exterior scenes. Widescreen video (16:9). Camera angle on: Alys, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, legs, gearshift, road, from the outside. Top Speed: 165 Km/h - 103 MPH

Fast Driving Girls - Jackye BMW Z4 Speeding (V029) Jackye drives the BMW Z4; white dress, white high-heeled sandals. She drives fast on the highway, flooring the gas and riding at high speed for a long time. Camera angle on: Jackye, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, legs, gearshift, road. Top Speed: 200 Km/h - 125 MPH.

Fast Driving Girls - Deborah, Lotus Elise 111R - High heels (V082) Deborah Lotus Elise. In the first clip, Deborah is driving the Lotus Elise wearing a dress and platforms. She drives the Lotus Elise very fast, make scream the engine shifting gears at high rpm. In the second clip, you can see Deborah in a sexy black dress with extreme high heeled sandals. She goes again for a fast ride, pushing and flooring the pedal with her foot. You can see it from the passenger side and from the front camera. Always with picture-in-picture pedal cam. The third clip are the full screen - HD footage of the pedals.

Fast Driving Girls - Bonnie Ferrari GTB (V004) Bonnie drives a Ferrari 308 GTB: driving, accelerating, revving. Camera angle on: Bonnie (side, front), pedals, gearbox, dashboard, road. Some exterior shots. She wears a pink shirt, denim miniskirt, high-heeled sandals, sunglasses.