| Garage S5 | Supercharged

Garage Cafe's very own Audi S5, w/twin scroll s.c.

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Supercharged R8 Audi S5 Turbo 0-60mph on street
http://www.facebook.com/IrvineBrothersPhotography - visit and "like" my page for exotic car photos http://instagram.com/irvinebrothersphotography My Instagram supercharged audi r8 audi s5 surprising end

2017 Audi S5 (354 HP) - fun with the snow, start up sound, launch-control acceleration

2013 Audi S5 Raw & Unedited Engine Note & Acceleration test
Very Nice Car Thanks to Vosse Wheels https://www.youtube.com/user/VossenWheels

Audi S5 V8 - Airride - Wintermode
Audi S5 by Car Art Hangar Video+Pic.: https://www.facebook.com/ChdFoto/