| Garage S5 | Supercharged

Garage Cafe's very own Audi S5, w/twin scroll s.c.

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Optimus Performance Road 2 Sema- Liberty Walk Audi S5

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Supercharged R8 Audi S5 Turbo 0-60mph on street
http://www.facebook.com/IrvineBrothersPhotography - visit and "like" my page for exotic car photos http://instagram.com/irvinebrothersphotography My Instagram supercharged audi r8 audi s5 surprising end

600HP Audi S5 Supercharged brutal sound in Warsaw
B3 Tour 600HP Audi S5 Supercharged whit HMS Exhaust, Audi TT Rotex compressor sitting on ADV.1 wheels. Very loud revs and acceleration. More about that beast https://www.facebook.com/b3tour/ If you like that video, subscribe my channel for more awesome cars. Find me also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pawlo458 Instagram http://instagram.com/pawlo458