XS1100 Ignition Timing

Setting the base ignition timing on an XS1100. The timing light is intermittent. The problem turned out to be nothing more serious than an loose connector at the ignition module pickup coil plug that was easy to fix.

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Motorcycle Repair Dont's - Ignition Fail
Ian fixes something that isn't broken when he updates his ignition with a CDI module. This leads to some frustrating electrical issues.

Strobe timing Triumph Bonniville T120R
Strobe timing my Bonnie the most important thing is to check whether the mark on your alternator corresponds to TDC (most likely) or for 38deg BTDC. some later cases with a small inspection plug ieT140 type are set for 38deg but it is always worth checking with the crankshaft notches accessed through the plug at base of barrels. Boyer recommend around 5000 rpm to set timing. If you do not have a tacho continue reving until the mark stops moving (advancing) this is the max revs you will need to set timing.

XS1100 Carb Sync
Synchronizing XS1100 carburetors and setting the idle mixture screws.

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