f350 w/ trailer being pulled by a Ford Ranger

Title basicly describes it

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The Ford Ranger – Science of Truck: Tough Towing
We take our testing to new levels with the Ford Ranger throughout the Science of Truck Series. Discover more about the 2015 Ford Ranger today: http://www.ford.com.au/commercial/ranger/science-of-truck With the tough done smarter approach we are able to push the boundaries of the Ford Ranger. In this video we test the torque, towing and off-road capability of the Ford Ranger. The engineers at Ford took the Ranger through a series of towing tests, pushing it to its limits. Stay tuned for more on our Ford Australia Twitter: https://twitter.com/FordAustralia Visit the Ford Australia Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FordAustralia Check out the rest of our new car range on Ford Australia’s official website: http://www.ford.com.au/

1999 Ford Ranger hauling logs in the backwoods
finished cutting up some of the pine trees and had to take em to the land fill, just working my way out the yard and getting the truck unloaded after taking the trailer through some mud lol

Ford ranger pulls semi
Level 2 ford ranger pulls transport the was hung up on the side walk, ford power thats how

How to not load a tractor
if your going to load a tractor, use a gooseneck flatbed. Highly recommended. This was also taken with the worlds first video camera that dates clear back to 1930s, when you had to upload videos by bringing it to a store in an envelope on a film reel so they can process the film, redraw it on about 3000 sheets of paper, and quickly flip through it so it looks like a movie. Later on when color was invented, they used paint brushes to add color, and they also added more paper so the video would be smoother. As you can see here, the breed of the horse is a Ford. The Carriage is some kind of thing, idk.