New Lamborghini S – Test Track

June 16th, 2017

When Lamborghini introduced the Aventador in 2011, it set the world of high-performance sports cars on its ear. Less than a decade removed and the same Aventador was becoming a bit mundane.

It was to be expected – with recent advances in speed and technology. Offerings from McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, and Bugatti – just to name a few – have had the big Lamborghini floundering for a portion of the premium market share.

Not being a car company to suffer in mediocrity, Lamborghini has recently introduced the all-new Aventador S; seen before your very eyes in this video.

The S is a dramatically more advanced supercar than its predecessor with four-wheel steering and comprehensively updated electronic suspension.

The screeching 6.5-liter V12 has also been tickled to produce 730hp at a mind-numbing 8,400 RPM. That is up from the previous 690hp rating.

The exterior appearance is even more stunning than the original. Aerodynamic efficiency is up by 50-percent and downforce has been increased by 130-percent. It features one central controller that covers all systems which makes the car smoother and more efficient than ever.

Jump in the passenger seat and buckle up for a ride with professional driver Steve Sutcliffe as he puts the S through its paces around the Valencia Grand Prix circuit.

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