Lamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari F12 Racing down an Airstrip

September 27th, 2013

lamborghini-aventador-vs-ferrari-f12Here we have one of of the ultimate super car match ups, a Lamborghini Aventador vs the Ferrari F12 racing from a roll down an airstrip in Germany put on by GTBoard.    While both are powered by 700+ HP V12 engines, the configuration for each is quite different.

The Aventador priced at around $450k has a 6.5L 700 HP V12 in the rear with all wheel drive and a single clutch ISR transmission while the $691k Ferrari F12 has a 6.3L 730HP V12 mounted up front with rear wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission.

As you can see the video it’s a pretty close race from a roll, with Ferrari F12 having a slight edge simply due to it’s dual clutch transmission which allows it to shift faster than the Aventador and gain a tiny bit each time the Aventador has to switch gears.  Of course from a roll it would be a different story as the Aventador’s all wheel drive system would catapult it ahead putting the Ferrari so far behind it would most likely never be able to catch up.


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