Volvo 850-GLT Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volvo 850 wagon drag race Aug 8th, 2011
One of 11 runs on a hot summer evening.

Volvo 850 GLT VS Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
this guy in the lambo came to me trying to race but you know the history... este tipo en su lambo vino a mi tratando de correr pero bueno .. ya ven como terminó.

Volvo 850 wagon drag race 13.7 - 18T IPD tune
Sacramento raceway. 13.7 run. Broke out so the evening was done. She has more in her.

Volvo Yellow 850 R Drag Racing
Volvo 850 R drag races in slow transmission setting.

Volvo 850 t-5r drag race Sacramento Raceway 10-13-10
Broke out on the first run but had a good time anyway.

Turbocharged Volvo Glt 850
Turbocharged Volvo Glt 850 Build includes Forged pistons H beam Rods Bored out to S60R size T18 turbo for now Using N/A Cams custom downpipe 3inch ...

Crazy volvo 850
Overloaded 850, really mad car.

VOLVO 850 GLT 170KM (t5) STOCK - trumniak

Volvo 850 GLT '92 - Varvar ur 0-120
Ursäkta skakningar och dålig bild - Satt med mobilen i ena handen och styr och växlar med den andra! :P 18 000 mil.

BTTC 1994 Volvo 850 estate
Best of Volvo estate racing.

Volvo 850 Center Console Removal, Shifter Light Replacement - Auto Repair Series
Shifter light replacement: 15 to 30 minutes ($10 / $55 / $110) This video will show you how to remove the center console of the Volvo 850. I needed to gain ...

Volvo 850 Glt vs xsi's vs saxos vs crx vs tdi's vs 525 tds