Toyota Cressida Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Skyline GTR r34 vs Toyota Cressida (Supra Drag).MPG
Skyline GTR r34 vs Toyota Supra (Drag)...

toyota cressida turbo runs 10s at drags
toyota cressida turbo runs 10s at drags willow bank raceway test and tune 6boost manifolds 1jz 2jz.

2JZ Cressida vs C5 Z06 vs C6 vs 335i vs SRT8
C5 Z06 - LS3 C6 - LS2 C6 - Mustang GT - Cressida - 335 BMW - Camaro SS - Harley Dyna - 300C SRT8 160mph Race This is old footage, Filmed 5 years ago ...

Central Speed Cressida 9.74 @ 137MPH @ TTUNDRA Drag Event #1 2014
This weekend at the TTUNDRA Drag Event #1 2014 various cars did some amazing New Personal Records including this Toyota Cressida built by Central ...

2JZGE Turbo Toyota Cressida Powerskid Powercruise 37 Queensland Raceway Willowbank
Turbo 6 Nissan Skyline Powerskid Powercruise 37 Sleeper Queensland Raceway Willowbank TAGS: (ignore) Drag Racing Burnout Cars Car Enthusiast ...

ls1 6 speed toyota cressida drag
cammed ls1 makes 403rwhp on ethanol. 12.2 run, 11.8 @ 117 was the best run this night on MT et streets with a slipping clutch at sacramento raceway!

MX83 Cressida vs MX73 Cressida Toyota Nationals 2012 1/8 mile Drags
Toyota Nationals 2012 Drag Racing held at Bodangara Airstrip, Wellington NSW. MX83 Cressida vs MX73 Cressida.

I Streetrace com M&S Toyota Cressida VS Midnight Auto Civic EG!!!
SUBSRİCBE PLEASE !! :) ... Mexican Juice Mustang VS Madness Racing GTR street racing Izzy Perfomance Chevy Truck VS Gypsys Mustang 1st Race Izzi ...

NC35 1jz Toyota Cressida MX83 WSID Drag Burnout

Kristian Goleby - Toyota Cressida and Grant Griffiths - HQ Monaro
Kristian Goleby and Grant Griffiths dragging the 1/4 mile at Willowbank on 29 Nov 2014 in Queensland Drag Week. 10.134sec and 11.178sec.

toyota cressida 10.56
23psi and e85 standard 1jz with cams, standard a340 with mv's valve body and standard diff. full street trim driven to track 10.56 at 128mph. you can hear in ...

POWERPLAY 2011 Cressida Vs R35 GTR Drag!
Off street drags - Toyota cressida Vs Nissan R35 gtr.