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BURNOUT LANE: The Jogger vs. the Scion
Some 5' 11" white guy vs. a 2008 Scion Xa in a drag race. These things are so damn slow, with all 1.5 liters of Toyota under the little hood... Yes, the Scio...

Me Drag Racing My Scion xB
This is the first time I drag raced it and I just wanted to see what it could do. I didn't expect to beat anyone, though half the time they false started, so...

Scion Xa "Eliezer" 16.08 @ 87mph
1/4 mile drag @ Salinas Speedway 8-Julio-2013.

Scion Racing - Drag - Titan - ADRL 2009
Scion Racing - Drag - Titan - Gary White - ADRL 2009 - September 2009.

fast xb drag racing.

Scion Exposed 2011 - Justin's Boosted Scion xA

scion xB drag racing
scion xB drag racinh.

Drag Race @ Scion Camp Out (1)
My first time drag racing.

Drag races HRP scion drag car
scion at hrp 3/8/2008.

My Scion xA EV Electric car conversion project
We're converting a Scion xA from a gas car to a fully battery electric vehicle! This is a video some local people made of the project. http://evconvert.blogs...

Drag Race @ Scion Camp Out 2
My second run in my scion tc.

Drag races HRP scion drag car
scion at hrp 3/8/2008.


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