Saturn Sky Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2012 mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Red Line
drag night at St Thomas Raceway park mustang mods intake tune 12.55@115 sky mods don't know but lots! 12.87@106.

LS7 Saturn Sky vs the world drag race compilation
Twin Turbo LS7 Saturn Sky kills, GTRs, a ZR1, a z06, a CTS-V and Challenger Hellcat, a 1000HP Charger Hellcat.

Sky Redline vs Corvette
Road Kill Band grudge match pitting 2009 Sky redline with turbo upgrade against a 1996 Corvette. Drag strip is Beech Bend in Bowling Green, Ky - July 2009.

Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V
Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V Just another weekend in Mexico.

Sky Redline VS Challenger SRT8
Sky Redline --- Challenger SRT8 R/T 0.480 --- 0.013 60' 2.114 --- 2.405 330 5.725 --- 6.090 1/8 8.609 --- 9.066 1/8 MPH 86.48 --- 83.64 1000 11.110 --- 11.621 ...

1000HP HHP Charger Hellcat vs Saturn Sky
Video Provided by: This race is a "1000hp" Hellcat (According to Owner "Fastest Hellcat in Detroit") vs a ~640hp TT LS7 Saturn Sky ...

Supercharged C5 ZO6 vs Twin Turbo Saturn Sky
This grudge race was between a 2003 C5 Corvette ZO6 with a Vortech supercharger making around 600hp, and a LS7 swapped Twin Turbo Saturn Sky making ...

Sky Redline VS. Pontiac G8
RPR Sky Redline vs. Pontiac G8.

mikesrex's stock 1.6 integra vs bun1t's sky
this is my full interior stock 1.6 bottom end integra running 93 octane pump gas on 13 lb of boost on a 3 minute tune I did in the track parking lot versus bun1t's ...

BMW M3 vs Saturn Sky Redline
Here is proud member the Saturn Sky Redline as it goes up against a BMW M3 at the Miami county line drag-strip.

04 Mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Turbo
I don't know what was done to this thing, but it was pretty damn quick!

Drifting Saturn Sky vs 2010 Ford Mustang Formula D Rd3 Wall Speedway,NJ June 6,2009