Saturn Sky Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2012 mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Red Line
drag night at St Thomas Raceway park mustang mods intake tune 12.55@115 sky mods don't know but lots! 12.87@106.

LS7 Saturn Sky vs the world drag race compilation
Twin Turbo LS7 Saturn Sky kills, GTRs, a ZR1, a z06, a CTS-V and Challenger Hellcat, a 1000HP Charger Hellcat.

Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V
Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V Just another weekend in Mexico.

Sky Redline vs Corvette
Road Kill Band grudge match pitting 2009 Sky redline with turbo upgrade against a 1996 Corvette. Drag strip is Beech Bend in Bowling Green, Ky - July 2009.

Supercharged C5 ZO6 vs Twin Turbo Saturn Sky
This grudge race was between a 2003 C5 Corvette ZO6 with a Vortech supercharger making around 600hp, and a LS7 swapped Twin Turbo Saturn Sky making ...

Lambo Owner Starts a FIGHT! ($9000 Race)
A heated argument between two racers ends in a race setup with a total pot of $9000! Things don't go quite as planned for one of the racer and it gets heated!

04 Mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Turbo
I don't know what was done to this thing, but it was pretty damn quick!

1000HP HHP Charger Hellcat vs Saturn Sky
Video Provided by: This race is a "1000hp" Hellcat (According to Owner "Fastest Hellcat in Detroit") vs a ~640hp TT LS7 Saturn Sky ...

Twin Turbo LS7 Saturn Sky vs BAD LSX Trans Am
Listedmycar is the only, website dedicated exclusively to private sellers and buyers. Buy used cars, trucks and used parts. This is the only website without dealer ...

Twin turbo LS7 Saturn Sky smokes Modded ZR1 Corvette
LS7 Twin Turbo Saturn Sky Beats Moded ZR1 Corvette. The might Saturn Sky takes on a Modified Corvette ZR1. This is a two race video. Another race in the ...

1300hp saturn sky SUPER CAR

Civic Si vs Saturn Sky 5-30-09
Autoclub Dragway 1/4 mile.