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Drag Race: Lamborghini Aventador vs RUF CTR3 at Vmax Quicksilver
Two cars, almost equivalent in power, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and he RUF CTR-3, both in the 700hp mark go head-to-head on the strip. The Aventador's AWD system evidently helps it...

203mph RIDE in RUF CTR3 - Drag race against Aventador! (plus powerslide)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YouTube.AdamC3046 I had the amazing opportunity to go for a ride in the incredible RUF CTR3, whilst racing a Lamborghini Aventador! We hit 203mph in the...

Ferrari F40 vs Porsche RUF CTR 1/4 Mile
Ferrari F40 vs Porsche RUF CTR Drag Racing 1/4 Mile (0-400m) & maximum speed.

Forza 4 - Ascari KZ1R Vs RUF CTR2 Drag Race (VERY CLOSE) HD
An amazingly close drag race between these two different cars, the Ascari KZR1 and the RUF CTR2 on Forza 4!

Mercedes 300E Hammer 6.0 AMG vs Porsche 911 RUF BR2 360 ps Drag 1/4 miles 402 meters acceleration
Mercedes 300E Hammer 6.0 AMG 1987 vs Porsche 911 RUF BR2 360 ps Drag 1/4 miles 402 meters acceleration Information about Mercedes - 00:04 Information about Porsche - 00:09.

Drag Race - Aventador v RUF CTR3 | Vmax200
Filmed at Vmax Quicksilver. Results: CTR3 - 206 mph, Aventador - 200 mph.

Mclaren 12C v RUF CTR3 | 1 mile drag race
You can hear the RUF struggling for grip and really comes alive over 100mph!

POV Drag Race - RUF CTR3 v Ford GT 720 Mirage
RUF CTR3 - 777 BHP VS Ford GT 720 Mirage - 745 BHP. We setup a head to head race with a members RUF CTR3 and Ford GT 720 Mirage at a recent Vmax event. Shmee150 was filming from the ...

9ff v RUF CTR3 v GT2 | 1 mile drag race
Turbo S also in shot but runs out of fuel! :-)

Drag Race: Lexus LFA vs Porsche 918 Spyder at Vmax 200 Nine Eleven
The Lexus LFA goes up against the Porsche 918 Spyder at Vmax 200 Nine Eleven, hosted by Auto Vivendi at Dunsfold Park, the home of Top Gear. With the regular Vmax format on the runway, we...

[Forza Motorsport 4] Drag race: RUF Rt 12 S vs Saleen S7 vs Joss JT1
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A few clips of the CTR3 & GT3 with Akropovic Exhaust!!


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