Mazda MPV Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Mazda drag-race
Mazda MPV dragrace.

1500+hp Toyota Van in the build
Bert's wild Toyota Tarago has been in the build for some time. The Van is now ready to perform a few shakedown passes. Power comes from a twin Turbonetics ...

Mazda Speed 3 Turbo vs Honda Civic
visit This is a drag race between a Mazda Speed 3 Turbo vs Honda Civic.

Eagle Talon Turbo - Drag Racing Tires & Lightweight Wheels
In this episode, we order up a big dose of traction to fix the uncontrollable wheelspin that we had on street tires at the track last year. Thank you for watching and ...

Mazda MPV Spark Plug and Coil Change
How to change the spark plugs and coils on a 2002 and newer Mazda MPV Van. Tools needed: pliers, 8, 10, and 12 mm wrenches and sockets, flat and philips ...

Minivan/MPV Time Attack racing
So I brought the family car to a time trial event. Tarmac Rallycross they called it... Probably the least appropriate car ever be brought to a race track, but it was ...

Mazda MPV Multifunction Switch Removal
Mazda MPV Multifunction Switch Removal.

2004 Mazda MPV Low Power Case Study
Visit my website, for more about my eBook and lectures. Visit our school, to be part of my class in person.

Mazda MPV Starter Replacement - Auto Repair Series
WARNING: This video contains annotations that may not be visible on the YouTube Droid app. Starter replacement: 2 to 4 hours. This video will guide you ...

Mazda MPV Brake Change
Changing the brake pads on my wifes 04 Mazda MPV LX Van....only thing I did not show was me using a 17mm socket and ratchet to tighten the caliber bolts ...

Mazda MPV Ball Joint or Control Arm Replace
Nothing like a crusty rust belt Mazda.

How to change oil in a 2002 Mazda MPV
Draining the oil, changing the oil filter and installing the new filter, adding the new oil.