Honda Ascot Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1984 Honda Ascot 500 vt500
SOLD IN 2009$$$ I love this bike but ive found another project so shes gotta go. heres whats been done fresh oilchange,Fresh oil in final drive, New ...

1984 Honda VT500FT Ascot
For sale. Sorry about the sound, I didn't realise my finger was over the microphone.

My 'new' Honda Ascot VT500 1884
Too nice for a conversion. Scuffed up, but great for a first bike.

QUAD DRAG RACE - TRX 400 vs TRX 450 vs Raptor 700
we came to the conclusion that the 450 was the quickest, the movie was filmed on a Contour HD helmet camera.

honda ascot vt500ft
cold start, turned the choke off early you can tell.

1990 Last Race at Ascot Park
From Speedweek, the 1990 Turkey Night Grand Prix USAC Midget event.

1994 Honda Legend Interior, Exterior Tour and Review
I have driven this one for three weeks or so. The car was in production for the following year - 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Only C32A engine was offered ...

HONDA NS750 1981 Flat Track Racing Machine
HONDA NS750 1981 Twin Ring Motegi HONDA Collection-Hall.

Sky Team Georgia Drag Racing

Cleaning Carbs on the Honda Shadow
So my VT500 wasn't running quite right... It would make a weird popping sound at higher RPMS steadily and would make random pops at lower RPMS... There ...

How To Replace A Window Run Channel ( 97 Honda Accord) - EricTheCarGuy
How To Replace A Window Run Channel ( 97 Honda Accord) - EricTheCarGuy You would normally be doing this if you had an ...

how to turbo your honda over the weekend
UPDATE: for all those who think this method means the motor wont last, here is a video from friday april 5th 2013 of the car still running strong, its been over a ...