Honda Ascot Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Honda Minivan Races GTP
Me racing my mum's mini-van for fun at Great Lakes Dragaway. Density Altitude ~2800ft Quartermile Time: 16.441 @ 85.03MPH 60': 2.575 Driver Weight: 175lb.

1984 Honda VT500FT Ascot
For sale. Sorry about the sound, I didn't realise my finger was over the microphone.

Turbocharged Cafe Racer Honda VT500 The One Moto Show
Ben Warren and Dragos Toma of Strange Coast Moto in Redlands, California shows us their latest build, a turbocharged cafe racer based on a 1980's Honda ...

Ascot exhaust before and after
Yeah, I actually made it quieter. On purpose.

Honda Odyssey vs chevy truck
my brother running his mini van he ended up running in the 15s not bad for a van!

Skip Van Leeuwen Triumph Vintage TT Steeple Chase 1963
Skip VanLeeuwen racing TT Steeplechase at Ascot Park in 1963.

My 'new' Honda Ascot VT500 1884
Too nice for a conversion. Scuffed up, but great for a first bike.

Honda Prelude H23 vs. Mini Me VTEC Hatch
Prelude ran: 15.72 MODS: Weapon R intake, Megan 4-1 Header, Helix Throttle Body Spacer, Ractive Exaust w/Silencer. Civic ran: 16.32 MODS: Intake, Header, ...

honda ascot vt500ft
cold start, turned the choke off early you can tell.

Bill Troth's Aftershock 1964 427 Ford Galaxie
Big American steel making its way down the 1/4 mile. Byron 09-15-2012.

honda 500 vte start up and sound
starting and listening to this old 1986 Honda Vt500e.

supper fast honda odyssey
supper fast honda odyssey.