Ford Fairmont Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

8 second Turbo Ford Fairmont drag racing with flame paintjob!
8 second 1980 Turbo Ford Fairmont drag car, tubbed out with flame paintjob, racing at Kilkare drag strip test and tune 4-14-11. If you like drag racing videos ...

Super fast 1982 Ford Fairmont Futura #Dragweek
Kurt Borton's 1982 Ford Fairmont Futura at Hot Rod Drag Week 2015, Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin. His car has a twin turbo 6.0 LS2 engine ...

Ford Fairmont Racing
Sooner Motorplex,Drag Racing.

1978 Ford Fairmont Barona Drag Strip 2-21-2014
At the NHRA Summit series test and tune a 1978 Ford Fairmont drag racing at Barona Drag Strip The Ford Fairmont was a compact car produced by Ford Motor ...

Ford Fairmont vs Turbo Honda Civic Hatch
Ford Fairmont: all motor small block ford Civic: not sure on the build but has a precision turbo on it.

9-14-12 Fairmont drag race at numidia in car 10.18 @ 141mph
in car race, so close to 9s this time.

5.3 LSx Turbo Fairmont At No Problem Raceway, March 31, 2013
So, here is the second or third pass of the day. Basically, I had a hard time getting enough boost built to adequately launch the car. That, coupled with shift point ...

The Fairmont Goes To The Drag Strip (Baseline Run) #FairmontProject
I had a GREAT time at the drag strip with my 1979 Fairmont. True, it isn't fast, but that's not the point. The point is that it ran great and consistent. In some racing ...

A father (Jim Plimpton) and son project that originally was son Jimmy's '79 Ford Fairmont 6cyl cold air driver then built for the True Street 10.20 class has ...

Turbo Ford Fairmont wagon drag race
Racing my 2.3 turbo ford fairmont against a trans am.

Ford Fairmont Ghia turbo
With much of the work completed at home, Troy the owner of this Fairmont Ghia has built himself one quick street driven turbo six. The stock single cam 4L six ...

With a MASSIVE turbo sticking out of the grille of this 1980's Ford Fairmont, you're forced to do a double take as you see this thing pull up to the starting line!