Ford Explorer-SportTrac Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1989 Buick Grand National vs 2006 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
What kind of SUV is this? / Truck.

Supercharged Tacoma TRD Sport vs Sport Trac Adrenalin
TRD Sport vs Sport Trac Adrenalin.

TUNED Ford Explorer Sport vs Audi S4 | Drag Race | @Cayuga
FORD's Boosted Family SUV lines up against Audi's Blown Sedan at the #DaSilvaRacing Track Day April 30, 2015 Driver: J.T. Brazier.

Ford Explorer VS Mustang HeadsUp Drag Race 1/8mile
2003 V6 4.0,K&N cold air intake,flowmaster exhaust 3" last cat removed,SCT programmer stage 3.

McNeil Racing Inc's Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Toyota Tundra Testing
McNeil Racing Inc's Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Toyota Tundra Testing Brand New Tundra First time out! just a couple of shock adjustments and it was set up ...

Stock FORD Explorer SPORT vs Modded Nissan GTR 1/4 Mile Race
Was at the GTAMC Da Silva Track Day Oct 3rd, 2013 doing some baseline runs in my stock truck. I lined up against GODZILLA and was eaten. LOL 2013 ...

Ford Explorer vs. Subaru
Maple Grove drag race. Ford was supercharged & I believe a 5.0. No idea about the Subaru tho.

2016 Ford F-150 vs Explorer: Truck vs. SUV Twin Turbo Mashup Review
2016 Ford F-150 Limited and 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum are both top-of-the-line machines. They are both powered by 3.5-liter twin turbo EcoBoost V6 engines ...

SVT Adrenalin
Bustin Loose AWD.

sport trac vs hemi
4.6 3v sport trac with intake exhuast and hypertech tuner vs stock hemi.

Ford sport trac adrenalin burnout
2010 ford sport trac adrenalin (automatic) 5.4 v8, Roush 4.6 supercharger, headers, magnaflow exhaust, K&N air intake, gt500 throttle body, upgraded injectors, ...

Livernois Motorsports 2013 Explorer Sport Race Tune
Livernois Motorsports has been working on broadening and perfecting our tune and upgrade portfolio for the Explorer Sport. Using our own Development car, ...