Ford Explorer-SportTrac Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1989 Buick Grand National vs 2006 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
What kind of SUV is this? / Truck.

McNeil Racing Inc's Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Toyota Tundra Testing
McNeil Racing Inc's Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Toyota Tundra Testing Brand New Tundra First time out! just a couple of shock adjustments and it was set up ...

2010 Sport Trac Adrenalin at the track
blue beauty best run at the Englishtown track !!

2002-2005 Ford Explorer Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
This is the only wheel bearing bearing I trust and use- ...

How To Install Replace Door Panel Ford Explorer Sport Trac 01-05 1A Auto shows you how to remove or replace the interior door panel trim on your vehicle. You need to remove the door panel for a ...

TUNED Ford Explorer Sport vs Audi S4 | Drag Race | @Cayuga
FORD's Boosted Family SUV lines up against Audi's Blown Sedan at the #DaSilvaRacing Track Day April 30, 2015 Driver: J.T. Brazier.

Diagnosis the rear ABS sensor on a Ford Explorer with C1235&Cl236
How to diagnosis and repair the rear ABS sensor on a 2003 Ford Explorer C1235&C1236 right & left wheel speed sensor input missing.

2012 Mustang BOSS vs. 2013 Explorer SPORT | 1/4 Mile Race
GTAMC / DaSilva Track Day Highlights October 3rd, 2013 from Toronto Motorsports Park. In car cam race capture, BOSS vs Explorer SPORT Ecoboost.

How To Install Replace Rear Disc Brakes Ford Explorer Mountaineer 95-02 Part 1 - 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace your own worn, ...

How To Replace Ford Explorer Rear Wheel Bearing - DIY Mercury Mountianeer Wheel Bearing Replace
This video outlines replacement of the rear wheel bearing, hub, parking brake shoes, brake rotors and pads. A shop press is required to service this bearing.

Rear Brake Pads & Rotor Replacement Ford Explorer 1995-2005
In this video we show how to replace the rear brake pads and brake rotor on a Ford Explorer from years 1995-2005. If you have any further interest please visit ...

How to replace Ford Explorer Brake Pads
How to replace your own rear brake pads on a ford explorer. You will need -Lug wrench -A Jack -Jack stand -10mm Wrench -Flat Screwdriver -Large C Clamp ...