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Daewoo Racer Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Daewoo racer 80-120kph drag
1500ccm 8valve 36s-44s ~8sec 80-120kph modification:without catalysator,agr off,injector pressure increase,other...

Motor Daewoo Racer, Club ARM Santiago Tuning Chile, 1° Feria Racing, Lider Plaza Oeste
Vídeo grabado en la competición del auto mas ruidoso... Varios competidores donde este Daewoo Racer no se quedo atrás y recibió varios elogios.

Daewoo Racer 1.5 DOHC Vs Honda Civic (1995) D15b Second Race
Daewoo Rceer 1.5 DOHC with intake and irridium plugs Vs Honda Civic (1995) D15b (Stage 3 Vtech) with headers, free flow piping, intake, performance plug wire...

Daewoo racer 1995 (O.G.DRIVE)
Тест драйв Daewoo racer 1995 (music by dj Breez.)

Daewoo Racer GTI (Devilz mafia)
Daewoo Racer GTI 0-100,modified ECU,fuel pump,wiring......its an 8v 1.5 MPFI......year 1993, GM made....manufactured in korea.......

Corvette Drag Race Starts Bad
Don't sign up for a drag race if you can't even handle your car! That Corvette owner is going to have to open up his wallet after this mishap. ... Lincoln(Fo...

Daewoo Racer
У моего брата золотые руки. После того, как не стало нашего отца осталась старенькая машина. Продать ее можно было не дороже 15 т.р. Тогда родилась идея восс...

bbmxpro..!en KSD daewoo racer..!!trabajo viejo

Daewoo Racer GTi vs Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVT-i
Pique de 400 metros entre un Daewoo Racer GTi (M/T) y un Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVT-i (M/T) en Bucaramanga Colombia.

daewoo racer

Interior Daewoo Racer GTI
Interior Daewoo Racer GTI.

Daewoo Racer, swap STi engine
Daewoo Racer, 460whp, AWD, TCS, launch control, antilag system, exhaust free sound headers and very powerfull Santiago, Chile.


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