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Daewoo Racer Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Daewoo racer 80-120kph drag
1500ccm 8valve 36s-44s ~8sec 80-120kph modification:without catalysator,agr off,injector pressure increase,other...

Daewoo Racer 1.5 DOHC Vs Honda Civic (1995) D15b Second Race
Daewoo Rceer 1.5 DOHC with intake and irridium plugs Vs Honda Civic (1995) D15b (Stage 3 Vtech) with headers, free flow piping, intake, performance plug wire...

Nexia Supersport Project - drag race 250 m
Nexia Supersport Project - drag race 250 m.

Daewoo racer 1995 (O.G.DRIVE)
Тест драйв Daewoo racer 1995 (music by dj Breez.)

:: 3er Dyno Day ST :: Daewoo Racer GTi
Todos los resultados del dyno day en www.stcolombia.com.


Daewoo Racer Gti
Daewoo Racer Gti Is Become A Hell Car Man Love It.

Daewoo Racer GTI Automatico
Daewoo Racer GTI Automatico, full equipo.

daewoo racer (kadett e) cold air filter 1.5 (70hp) sound
1994 daewoo racer 1.5 dohc 51 kw (70hp) cold air filter sound.

Santa Pod 1/4 Mile Drag Race - video #1
A 1/4 mile drag race at Santa Pod - This is video #1 uploaded.

Daewoo Turbo Drag drift

ДТП с участием KIA CEED и DAEWOO Nexia, ДТП и авто аварии с видеорегистратора AutoVID
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