LOWRIDER Truck w/Hydraulics

Lowrider Truck with hydraulics catches fire

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LOWRIDER Dancing Bed, Slammed 2 Perfection
Mini Truck Hydraulic Dancing Bed

Lowriders and other vehicles: Cesar Chavez Day Parade San Francisco 2015, Part 2
The Cesar Chavez Day Parade in the Mission District of San Francisco, April 18, 2015. This is the lowrider, cars, and other vehicles portion of the parade. To see the other portions of the parade, watch part 1 here: https://youtu.be/48upDaADTo8 I really wanted to set this to some good music, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any royalty-free music that seemed appropriate and was any good. I found a little bit of mediocre music, but it would have cost a lot and still not enough to cover the entire video, so we have the original audio instead. Except for a small portion at the end where I had to substitute in some music because of copyrighted music that was playing.

Lowrider s10
My friend Chris's1988 chevy s10 2.8L 4 pumps 10 batteries frame wrapped in 3/8 steel

HOTCARSTV: Lone Star Throwdown 2013 - Old School Minitruckin
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