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Daytona High Speed Crash - Porsche GT3
A Porsche GT3 crashes at Daytona International Speedway following a rear right tire blowout at 150+ MPH coming out of NASCAR Turn #4. Car immediately veered out of control and crashed into inside wall with massive damage. The Sparco racing seats, Schroth harnesses, Hans device and helmet contributed to my walking away with minor injuries. Incident occurred at PBOC HPDE October 2012. Here's what happened: Coming out of NASCAR turn #4 (the same turn that that took Dale Earnhardt's life), I was accelerating past 150 MPH when I felt a shudder in the rear of the car followed by an immediate strong bumping / vibration throughout the car. While I immediately lifted from the accelerator, the blowout of my right rear tire (Hoosier R6's) caused the car to immediately veer to the left (just after passing one car and just prior to reaching a second car). As the car headed towards the inside wall, it was in an out of control spin. After making one complete spin, the car crashed into the inside wall on the front left corner of the car and then ricocheted back against the wall on the rear left corner of the car -- spinning around a couple more times before coming to a stop.

Pedro Piquet hard crash in Porsche GT3 Cup
Nelson Piquet son and Nelson Piquet Jr.'s younger brother crashed while competing in a Porsche GT3 Cup Brazil event, flipping at least nine times.

Porsche 911 GT3 Crash
Porsche 911 GT3 Crash Nordschleife Nürburgring Bilstein Porsche Marc Basseng - VLN 8.OKT

Автомобиль перепутали с сугробом!
От снегоуборочной техники пострадал житель дома №25 по Кронверкскому проспекту. Александр Кальникер нашел свою машину разбитой прямо во дворе. Рядом на снегу обнаружил отломанные госномера, следы от мощных протекторов и записку с просьбой обращаться в ГАИ Петроградского района. Автомобиль был на полтора метра сдвинут от места первоначальной парковки и весь искорежен. Сюжет телеканала 100ТВ.