New fastest PONTIAC!!!

Butler Performance makes a 6.27 pass, at 228 mph at the Ames Performance Pontiac Tri-Power Nationals, at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH. They are the black car, in the right lane. (62 Tempest, I think it was...?) They also made a 6.22 pass that same day.

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Worlds Fastest Pontiac - Steve Dale's '69 GTO F/C
Here is Steve Dale in his '69 GTO F/C making a 6.43 at 187 mph pass at Norwalk 2013. Steve ran a best of 6.20 @ 226 mph at the event.

GTO George cleans the Dirty BIrd
GTO George cleans the Dirty Bird at the 2009 Pontiac Nationals at Summit Raceway Park (Norwalk) "David whooped up on Goliath"

Rod Butlers 1963 LeMans vs Mark Kauffman 02 GXP Norwalk 2014
Rodney Butler's '63 Tempest goes up against Mark Kauffman's '02 GXP in Butler Performance Frantic 4 qualifying at Norwalk 2014. Rodney Butler qualifies #1 with a 6.531 ET at 207.30 mph. Mark Kauffman qualifies #3 with a 7.097 ET at 196.33 mph.

Butler Performance's 1965 GTO