08 Impala SS (Flowmaster Super 44)

My impala the day i put my flowmaster super 44's on it. :)

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2008 LS4 Impala SS | Flowmaster 44s (Broken In)
Update on the Flowmaster 44s as well as my Spectre short ram intake.

2008 Impala SS with 40 series Flowmasters
LS4 with 40 series Flowmasters, Gibson double wall tips and K&N Cold Air running with Royal Purple 5W30.

2006 impala SS Flowmaster Super 10 Series
These are the flowmaster 10 series with the stock converters nd stock resonator. Just had the mufflers changed out. It gives the 5.3 the deep muscle sound it deserves! The interior noise isn't bad! If you have an SS like mine with super 10's without resonator please post a video I'm curious!!! via YouTube Capture

Impala SS super44