SUPER DRIFT Final M3 vs Cosworth

More videos CLASH supports : Mattia Merli Mattia Merli and Clash work together to bring you some great videos. If you want more, spread the word and share the video ! About the director: "Has wheels? Has an engine? Than I will shoot it!! Born and raised in Italy where is impossible to ignore the motorsport culture, my goal is to transmit the feeling, the passion, the thrill beneath a motorsport event. It doesn't matter of which instrument you choose to shoot, the important is to GO OUT AND SHOOT!!"

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67 Rajd Polski, OS Zalesie - woda | 67th Rally Poland, SS Zalesie
67 Rajd Polski 4-6.02.2010 Mikołajki OS Zalesie Grzesiek Naszkierski

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HELL King of Europe 2012 Drift Series Round 5 Hungaroring by Katana team videos
HELL King of Europe 2012 Drift Series Round Five. Hungaroring 3rd - 4th August 2012 Katana team videos Music by: The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It / Cryptex Reglitch /