Audi RS5 fast acceleration

Lovely sound from this Audi RS5 which uses Sport mode!

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AUDI RS5 4.2 V8
AUDI RS5 4.2 V8 by Gräper Automotive! Deze RS5 is geleverd door Gräper Automotive, meer weten? klik op bovenstaande link! 0180-764018

Very Loud Audi RS5 make some Revs in the City
Audi RS5 with Custom Exhaust Revs and Details

Audi RS5 with exhaust sound and acceleration! [HD]
Beautifull sound. The owner was so friendly to make some sound with it! Enjoy!!

Audi S5 VS BMW M5
JUST FOR THE RECORD, WE DID THIS JUST TO SEE HOW THE CARS WOULD COMPARE. SO DONT SAY BMW THIS OR AUDI THAT. 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARS GOING AT IT FOR F-U-N 2008 S5 mods: AWE Exhaust cat back 2004 M5 mods: custom Exhaust and just for the peanut gallery who is saying M5/6 vs RS6.....