Vintage 1960's Drag Racing - rare footage Some vintage drag racing clips from my "Glory Days : 1963-1969" DVD. The shot of the Royal Pontiac car being pulled in on the trailer is my favorite!

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GASSERS OF THE '50's '60's '70's
Nine minute promo from the full length (105 min) video available through Jim Amos' Bee On Video. You will find a mix of nationally famous cars as well as regional and local cars from around the country. We have included footage from thirty-eight different tracks in the USA and Canada. Real car sounds fully narrated. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.

Top 10 Race Car WRECKS!
Cars torn to pieces, up in flames, body panels bruised - you name it, we’ve seen it! 1320Video continues celebrating our 1 MILLION Subscriber mark by presenting the most epic car crashes in our history! What ends up being a highly thrilling video for an audience is a very scary event for drivers. We don’t wish such bad luck upon anybody, but it makes for some of the most EPIC footage we’ve ever captured! THANK YOU again to each and every one of our subscribers for joining us in this huge milestone! ------ Primary Videos from this compilation ------ — #10: FIERY Drag Racing Wreck - — #9: Winning $10,000 while WRECKING ??? - — #8: 2000hp Corvette Wreck - — #7: Big Daddy Supra Wrecks @ TX2K12 - — #6: Honda Civic BARREL ROLLS @ 150MPH! - — #5: Terrible drag racing wreck - — #4: Street racing car flips - — #3: Violent Drag Racing WRECK - Crazy GoPro Angle - — #2: Terrible wreck - $200k GTO Explodes!!! - — #1: Wrecking in supra at 100MPH - —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

Dodge Drag Racing Trucks 1960s
Dodge promo film showing the power of their vehicles Cars and trucks are shown at the drag strip Please visit:

Run What You Brung @ Cecil County Drag-O-Way
Promotional clip for the full length video available from Bee On Video. Super Stockers, A/FXers, Funny Cars, Stockers, Junior Stockers, Gassers, Fuelers, plus more. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.