Vintage 1960's Drag Racing - rare footage Some vintage drag racing clips from my "Glory Days : 1963-1969" DVD. The shot of the Royal Pontiac car being pulled in on the trailer is my favorite!

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RARE! Never Seen Before Drag Racing & Interview - 1966
*** NOT FOR BROADCAST WITHOUT LICENSE *** YouTube Subscribers feel free to share! © Copyright 2017 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without licensing. Contact us for licensing for commercial use: (818) 923-1112 ***** GREEN VALLEY RACEWAY - TEXAS ~ Dick Harrell never seen before interview & his 1966 Nickey Chevy II along with Gas Ronda, Announcer, Jon Lundberg, Pete Talmadge, Ray Capps among many other greats. *****AHRA World Point Championship Finale Drag Races at Green Valley Raceway with Pete Talmadge and the biggest names in the sport like Gas Ronda, Dickie Harrell Mr. Chevrolet, good old Texas boy, Ray Capps, CKC Racing J.E. Kristek and the greatest voice ever, Jon Lundberg announcing in the tower, plus, so many other drag racing legends! Thanks for watching. Feel free to share to keep the memories from fading. Connect with Dick Harrell Mr. Chevrolet:

Think about this. Pamela Hardy, more commonly as Jungle Pam, was in drag racing for only four short years, yet her name remains iconic nearly four decades later. That's major longevity for someone whose main claim to fame was backing up a race car while scantily clad. Jungle Pam ran the roads as the yin to Jungle Jim Liberman's yang. She was the salt to his pepper. We think you get the drift. As much as she's enjoyed life as an ordinary citizen of West Chester, Pa., for the last four decades or so, drag racing fans have clamored for drag racing's ultimate backup girl. The day she stepped in front of Liberman, scantily clad, she was sentenced to a life of anything but ordinary. In this premiere episode of Legends: The Series, Season Three, Jungle Pam discusses those days of barnstorming drag racing and life on the road. She touches on drag racing as she sees it, and the loss of Jungle Jim, a loss she still feels pain for all these years later.

70s Drag Racing
70s Drag Racing

SUPER/STOCKERS OF THE 1960's The Early Years 1960-1965
Fifteen minute promo from the 2 hour and 22 minute full length video available through Jim Amos' Bee On Video. The video covers the early years (1960 to 1965) of Super Stock and Factory Experimental Drag Racing . Real car sounds have been added and the video is fully narrated. This Promo is just a teaser. The full length video is an absolute MUST SEE.