wet shot of nos

what happens with 16 fluid oz of NOS

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sti vs 350z with nitrous
sti stg 1 cobb 350z with Nitrous

Rich idiot can't drive his own lambo
This rich dude can't drive his own Lamborghini...very funny ^^ It shows that money can't buy intelligence.. Watch another great vid from me: Lamborghini and Dubstep! Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtQybzuGG5Y&list=UUieAmz4sEDYxwAhIgrdK8CQ&in dex=3&feature=plcp _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Badbreed Nitroused 350z
Mates car I uploaded for him..sick as hell

Integrity 350Z with Nitrous @ Cecil County
Integrity's bolt-on + N20 Z A the track