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Instrument cluster mileage correction * speedometer copy or clone * How to Change Mileage

http://karmanauto.com/product-category/cluster-mileage-correction http://www.vehix411.com Copy speedometer clone security program in the speedometer dash programming instrument cluster replaced car don't start change mileage


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How to program honda ecu immobilizer key after ecu swap
This video will show you how to program honda civic ecu key immobilizer after ecu swap it's common to have ecu damage after accident on honda civic 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 you can program or have the car started without any programmer or scanner program security, key programmer , green key blinking

How to Reset / Repair clear the crash data from GM Airbag control module
http://karmanauto.com fix it $50 http://www.vehix411.com for airbag help info This video will show you how the GM airbag module is being reset GM AIRBAG MODULE REPAIR GM AIRBAG MODULE RESET GM AIRBAG CRASH DATA RESET Chevrolet airbag module reset Saturn airbag module reset Hummer airbag module reset Cadillac airbag module reset Oldsmobile airbag module reset Buick airbag module reset GM AIRBAG RESET SERVICE GM MODULE RESET We will clear the crash data from your airbag module. You will not need to buy a new airbag module. You will not need to pay the dealer to program it to the seat as you would for a new one or another used one. ASF 15 78 72 80 Cadillac Escalade SDM 25 82 35 56 Cadillac Escalade SDM 25 82 46 48 Cadillac SRX -- 15 90 88 73 Cadillac SRX -- 25 73 00 04 Chevy Aveo -- 96 442 708 Chevy Captiva -- 96 810 868 Chevy Equinox -- 15 91 63 07 Chevy HHR -- 15 83 97 92 Chevy Kalos -- 96 406 516 Chevy Kalos -- 96 830 358 Chevy Silverado SDM 15 89 25 30 Chevy Silverado SDM 15 89 25 31 Hummer lll ASF 15 09 45 82 Hummer lll ASF 15 90 77 26 Hummer lll ASF 25 87 03 03 Pontiac G5 -- 25 78 39 15 Chevy Aveo Siemens 5WY6 7032 Chevy Aveo -- 96 806 963 Chevy HHR -- 20 92 18 57 Chevy Malibu -- 15 79 69 67 Pontiac G6 -- 15 25 92 21 Pontiac G6 -- 20 81 20 00 AND MUCH MORE

DIY Odometer Reprogramming
A simple instructional video illustrating how to program your digital car odometer using simple electronics, a computer with a serial port, some soldering knowledge and an understanding of hexi-decimal programming. LINK TO EXCEL SPREADSHEET FOR ODOMETER DECODING: https://mega.co.nz/#!LkAh3RqR!iCOewuDWPV1gF-nF6eVWwPdFIuuuXsQInzQkIu1FII4 Most vehicles store their digital odometer reading on the instrument cluster on a re-writable EEPROM chip. Once the chip is located, it can be de-soldered from the board and connected to a computer's serial port where its data can be downloaded and manipulated. The data on the chip is coded in inverted hex values. Through experimentation, a pattern was observed that related the values to the digits on the odometer's LCD display. The data is then edited and rewritten to the chip, which is then re-soldered to the odometer board and put back into the car. Legal stuff: It is illegal to modify or roll back your odometer reading without full disclosure to a potential purchaser of your vehicle.

Tacho pro correction kilometrique valisediagnostique.com
Tacho pro correction kilometrique valisediagnostique.com

How to repair GM Instrument Cluster | Speedometer | Gauge | Stepper
See how to repair common GM, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Hummer, Speedo, fuel etc gauges problems. Do it yourself Bri gives you great information on repairing this yourself. DIY BRI shows you how.

Super VAG K+CAN to Change the Odometer of VW cars 2008 year
This video shows how easy we change the VW odometer by SUPER VAG K+CAN Plus, which only cost you 2 seconds to finish! For more details please check our online shop: www.obdresource.com

Mercedes W204 By Dashfixer
Mercedes W204 Digital Mileage Correction

How to use CARPROG FULL V4.01
The video shows how to use CARPROG FULL V4.01.Now the carprog is updated to V5.46 http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/carprog-v531-carprog-full.html

Odometer-Rollback-Odometer-Fraud-Mileage-reset-Mileage-Correction. PHONE: 01149-176-53322224
My niewest Video: How to change Mileage of the Engine Control Unit ECU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oItA6d5l5a4 Now, Nobody can figure out, if the Odometer is beeing rolled back!!! Howdy 'all .... it is that easy and just a matter of seconds, to rollback an digital odometer! If you may need any "Service" done on your odometer to keep the value of your car, or you may want to sell it to get a fair price,..... just look into the "TACHO-FORUM" for our ad.... http://www.gti-tdi.de/board2/index.php?page=Board&boardID=1 (This is a uncensored Discussion Forum, just made for Mileage reset and Mileage Correction purposes only) we also reset YOUR Mileage for Insurance purposes, to lower Car Insurance costs as well, because the "less you drive", the less Money you have to pay for the stupid Insurance Company as well.... Why you want to make them even richer and richer??? With our Service You really really safe a buck and more, and furthermore really making money....... Service available all over, doesn't matter, where you are.... And this great Service for as little as $ 49.97 and up (depends on the car and make and model) We can fix all cars.... American, German and Japanese as well.... This is it: ...........our Video really proves it.... what more I may have to say or write? We are in business since 1985, starting with "old fashion Odometers", and since 1992 we're fixing digital odometers as well... Mail Service also available, just drop your Instrument Cluster in the Mailbox directly to us! best regards..... MHCP P.O.BOX: 100727 D-W-38442 Wolfsburg / Germany Cellular-Phone: 01149-176-53322224 & +4917653322224

How to make a cheap transponder key bypass
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass - Costs under 5 bucks! Save yourself all that money you'd give to the locksmith to repair your transponder chip key anti theft system.


Speedometer reset procedure
Our first video did not include enough detail. So, we've made a new video that should tell you everything you need to know to perform the reset procedure. Not many cars before 2000 will have a reset, but many of the newer one's do. Unfortunately not many of the service manuals will tell you if there is a reset procedure. Most chryslers after 2000 do have one.

How To Remove & Refit A Serial EEPROM
How to remove and replace a serial eeprom form an airbag ECU using a Vauxhall/Opel unit as an example.

2000 Honda Accord instrument cluster display lighting and odometer repair.

Mileage correction Tool Review TOP 10
Mileage correction TooL Review Power by http://www.obd2be.com/ NO.1 Tacho Pro / Tacho universal NO.2 Diga Consult NO.3 Digimaster NO.4 Super Tacho NO.5 USA Prog NO.6 NEC Programmer NO.7 VAG Dash Prog NO.8 DMW3 NO.9 Mileage Master PC NO.10 Digiprog

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