Old School Supra Powered Corolla Crash at New England Dragway 10/15/11

New England Dragway's Import Madness October 15, 2011 Both cars are low 8 second 1/4 mile cars powered by supra engines. The lanes were really slippery this day and some of the supra powered corollas and other old school imports were having trouble getting traction. The first car has a near crash and amazing save, almost rolled. The second car was not so lucky, no footage of the actual accident but the aftermath speaks for itself, luckily both drivers were ok.

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7 second Toyota Starlet CRASH on THE ROOF! - MIR World Cup Finals 2012
(Toyota Intended Acceleration!) Luckily the driver was ok in this very scary crash, got loose and ended up on the roof at over 150mph and slid for several hundred feet before stopping. Track emergency crew was already heading down the track before the car stopped sliding. During Round 3 Qualifying of the Radial vs Modified Class 17th Annual World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2012 11/3/12 Maryland International Raceway Budds Creek, MD.

Algunos de los mejores 1.8 de Puerto Rico

Nyce1s - El Humilde 2JZ Toyota Corolla @ Pan American Nationals Atco 2014...
Here is a video of the El Humilde 2JZ Powered Toyota Corolla from the Pan American Nationals 2014. This car is coming back to the United States from Puerto Rico for this weekends Pan Ams 2015 race at Atco Dragway. Checkout El Humilde on Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Humilde/396433820442439?fref=ts Checkout the team on IG @elhumildracing Checkout nyce1s at http://store.nyce1s.com Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Nyce1s?fref=ts Follow us on Instagram @officialnyce1s

Jomar Racing Vs. Ford Focus Negra (Accidente)
Accidente en la noche entre el datsu Jomar Racing y una Ford Focus Negra , todo estubos bien con ambos driver solo un cantasito leve na grabe .... Video Cortesia: http://www.grs-motorsports.com/index/index.html