Best Used Cars for Five Grand -- /ROAD TESTAMENT

Why buy a crappy car when you can have an awesome car? These are your picks for the must-have, most DRIVE-worthy cars going for 1/6 the price of the average new vehicle. With Mike and Zac from

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The Best Used Cars In The World for 10 Grand -- /ROAD TESTAMENT
You picked them, we're talking about them. It's the best, most DRIVE-worthy used cars you can get for around 10 grand. Which ones did we miss? Comment below.

Top 10 Best Used Cars for Under $5000 That You Can Buy Today
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Don't Ever Buy a Recycled Lemon! Lehto's Law - Ep. 3.34
Auto manufacturers buy back thousands of defective cars each year. Those cars are then resold as used cars and unsuspecting consumers end up with them. Sometimes, people become aware of the car's true nature before the sale but car sellers often claim there is nothing wrong with buying a recycled lemon. Here, I explain why you don't want to buy one and some of the ways to spot them when shopping. There is a podcast of this video: @stevelehto

Whats Up my Hamiltonians and Interwebby type people! I shot this about a month ago and just never uploaded it, the Miley Cyrus Joke is outdated, but the list is still valid! lol see you later!