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Todd Wyllie Trophy Truck prerunner at SCORE Baja 50

I found what I think might be Todd's new prerunner for tackling the extreme terrain of the baja deserts -- note the trucker pipes for water crossings, the big bash guards, and the enormous lift kit. This is the future of desert racing???? GO TODD W.!


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Avenue D
Taking the Trucks out to Avenue D. In Lancaster CA for the day. The day did not end the way we planned..

SCORE BAJA 1000 Las dos ultimas bajas 1000 2006-2007, Ensenada-La paz, tienen un toque de sangre........

Testing Plaster City
Testing for the 1st time in Plaster City. Logged about 60mi in one day, not much, but it was alot rougher than expected and i got 1 lap in on the course, and got this nice shot. hope you like...

Bagged Chevy Dually on 24's
Bagged Chevy dually on 24" Alcoas.A video that we threw together for all Kustom enthusiasts.Bagged and body dropped New body chevy HD Dually laid out on 24's.2 bottles and 10 gallons of reserve air get this pig off the ground.Hopping the dually, dragging the dually and some shots of the Severed Ties lifestyle.Vehicles that are for more than transportation.

Jimco Chronicles / Voss Motorsports Trophy Truck Build
Voss Motorsports has a new Trophy Truck fabricated at the Jimco shop. Produced by Pinned/Eight East: info@eighteastinc.com http://www.vossmotorsports.com/ http://www.jimcorace.com/

VW Touareg Dakar Volkswagen race SCORE Baja 500 2007
Here are the two Dakar VW Touaregs, in tech inspection and then racing the 2007 TECATE SCORE Baja 500. They kicked ass!!! Hope to see them at the Baja 1000.

Trophy truck #69 Team Zorro Camaro - 2007 Baja 500
Trophy Truck #69 coming off the starting line and hitting the dirt.

Water Truck
Toyota with Amphibious lift kit installed on the frame.


73 Chevrolet truck 454 Prerunner Sold...
73 3/4ton. Built 454, TH400 trans, 14bolt 4.56 detroit locker and disc brakes. Long travel front suspension with engine cage. Hanneman fiberglass front clip 4" bulged fenders many extras $4000!!!

VW BUGS GONE WILD Class 11 desert racing
These stock VW bugs are racing for their lives and hanging it out there on the very edge. Class 11 is the ruling class of desert racing.

XRRA extreme rock racing 2006 finals
This is the XRRA extreme rock racing finals in Colorado Springs, CO. Watch the boys get crazy in their toys.

2006 Baja 1000 Ojos Negros Monster TT Hits Person!
Alan Pflueger in the Monster Energy Trophy Truck at the 2006 Baja 1000, running over a media person while landing passing through Ojos Negros. Cameraman said to be alive with major injuries. Someone who was there said his face was messed up pretty bad and it tore his arm in two he landed face down when they turned him back up blood was gushing out from his mouth and the camera was smashed... woulda been a great picture. Be safe when spectating!

Sema Show 2006 30 inch rims on a donk
Sema Show 2006 30 inch rims on a donk, This thing looked awesome with its 30 inch spinner rims

Glamis- Full Blown 4 (The Final Cut)
I HAD TO CHANGE THE MUSIC AND STOP SELLING THE VIDEO DUE TO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. This movie is 5 years in the making. An hour long film on the insanity that happens in a little place called Glamis, CA. This documentary follows one core group of "duners" and their adventures in Glamis.The track is Strength of the World by Avenged Sevenfold

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