B-17 Start-up

B-17 Flight Experience

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B-17, B-24, B-25 Startup and takeoff
The Warbirds of the Collings Foundation takeoff from the Astoria (OR) Airport

B17 Startup
Liberty Belle startup.Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.Turn the sound up loud and you can hear her purr.

B17 Bomber Start up and Take off
I decided to set all three of my cameras on HD this time and set them at different zooms to film this B-17 starting up. I realize I all ready showed this taking off but if I didn't put that in the video over time I'd just get a bunch of complaints that I should have shown it taking off or flying.... - I usually don't use my Casio EXF1's to film HD with but they actually work quite well. My Panasonic has very good image stabilization compared to the Casio's. I layered the clips from the three cameras in my editor and sync'd them up. I picked the best audio of the three clips. - Joey from LivinBoB (YT channel from my home town) was covering the Memorial Day flight and was filming a news piece for the TV station he works for. He got a ride in the bomber in the nose-gunner position- but almost missed the flight.

B-17 Startup Sequence and Flight From Inside
This is a no frills video, giving you an idea on what's its like to fly inside a B-17, from Engine Start to actually what you will see and hear as it flies from Santa Fe, NM to Scottsdale, AZ. Filmed on 4/13/2012 Barely seen is a P-51 pealing off at the 5:30 mark. More than half this video involves the start up tasks so if you want to zip ahead to the flight, jump to the 5:00 mark. The Planes in this video are owned by the Collings Foundation.