Portable 4-Post Parking Lift

Caster kits Manual lock release Oil-drip tray Durable power unit For details and $$$, please contact gronhiequip@gmail.com Gronhi Garage Equipment/China presents

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Cable Driven 4 Post Installation Video -Texas Equipment
Installation video for the Cable Driven 4 Post lifts from Texas Equipment. http://texasequipment.net/Lifts/4-Post/1/22.html

Back Yard buddy lift, plug by Vic
BackYard Buddy demo by Vic.

How Does the Caster Kit Work on the 4 Post Lifts?
http://www.gregsmithequipment.com/Shop/4-Post-Lifts - The caster kit allows our customers to easily roll and reposition their 4 post lifts. The four post lift does not need to be anchored to the floor, so it can be easily moved at any time.

Bradock 5 series portable car lift
The bradock 5 series portable lift.