'78 Trans Am 540 Big Block Walk Around

A beautiful '78 Trans Am with a '70 front end and a massive 540. Has Year One Bandit wheels, and a custom upholstered interior. Katech 'vette behind it, aswell as some other cars leaving the meet

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1979 Trans Am Sidepipes
just installed side pipes/glass packs!!

Ferrari 458 Starts Drag Race In REVERSE!!
** READ ** So I've had a few angry PMs about my price comment, and the gearbox comment. First of all I'm in Canada, so prices are a good chunk higher than in the US. A few weeks ago i read somewhere that a base 458 is about 280k, plus options, plus tax (about 13%). Base price plus tax alone is 316k. Then we have a bunch of dumb taxes/fees on top of that. I also read that options range from about 20k to 100k fully equipped. so my 400k comment is very justifiable. Now as far as the transmission, I forgot that Ferrari decided a good old manual transmission just isn't good enough anymore. Ferrari 458 Italia vs first gen Viper. Nice big burnout from the Viper. Must have made the Ferrari guy nervous as he takes off in reverse! 1/4 mile drags at ICar Mirabel

Ferrari 458 Italia vs 1970 Camaro 1/4 drag
Two tone black on white 458 races a Camaro. Both cars in the low 12s Icar Mirabel

Dodge Viper Loses Control During Burnout
458 vs Viper again. Viper nearly crashes into barrier. my comment about Dodge owners being able to drive is in reference to a brand new GT500 convertible that crashed earlier in the night.