'78 Trans Am 540 Big Block Walk Around

A beautiful '78 Trans Am with a '70 front end and a massive 540. Has Year One Bandit wheels, and a custom upholstered interior. Katech 'vette behind it, aswell as some other cars leaving the meet

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Billy Meade's 9.66 @ 141mph '78 Turbo Trans Am 5.3 LS - RaymerTuned
Stock 5.3 LS iron block engine with custom cam only. Stock heads with ZR1 gaskets and ARP head studs (stock rods, pistons, etc), rear mount Comp oil-less turbo built by Rob Raymer (of RaymerTuned) and Dana Walters. 400 turbo Trans w/Ultimate 3500 converter, 9" rear end w/3.25 gears, and running factory computer with 80lb injectors on E85. 789 rear wheel HP. Raceweight of 4100+ lbs. "RaymerTuned"


Hell's TA - 80 Trans Am SE LS9 Super Charged ProTouring - Dyno Session
Final Dyno session putting down around 409hp to the ground and 630hp to the flywheel, with Exhaust cutouts closed. With them open, it gains another 10-15hp. This 1980 Special Edition TA, one owner car out of NY that we are just finishing up for the owner, is sporting full DSE equipment, Year One 18x12 and 18x10 snoflakes, a new LS9 crate motor, complete custom KillerPaint.com Mike Lavalle flamed hood bird and accents, Kenwoods new state of the art Double DIN DVD NAV system. Leather interior, mini tubbed, full protouring suspension, custom engine covering ,etc. We will be posting a full video of this car after completed so everyone can see all the details! Thanks, www.RestoreaMusclecar.com

1981 Trans Am a mid summer roar!
Figured I'd put it on line, my 1981 Desperado Trans am, I've converted the front end into a early 70's T/A. The harder part was to secure the 73 bumper bracket onto the frame. The shine is actually a paint sealer that was put on the car: Liquid Glass, I’ve tried numerous polishes and nothing beats it! It yet wasn't buffed out!!! No matter where I go, this car spins heads around, all the time. This car now shines like a crazy-diamond! All new torsion bars and front end parts, including a new steering box with a quick 2 1/2 turning ratio. Had to also change the tilt steering column, the central yoke was worn out, so you can imagine how precise it was, loll. 255-45R18 in the back and 225-50R18 in the front with 18 x 10 and 18 x 9 American Racing Wheels (had to put spacer in the back if I recall, it's a 1 1/2 inch spacer. It's also equipped with a set of Doug headers and heavy duty alternator. This a Northern three owner car, out of Three Rivers, Quebec, with 178K Km or 110K miles. The previous (second) owner had it for ten years and drove it a few hundred miles a year. I’ve got it since 2009. He slapped on an dual Exhaust ‘84, 350, corvette engine with first size overbore and a mild racing cam, it ran like crap. Had the car retuned by Steve Ecclestone, he used to be a stock-car racing mechanic in the mid-seventies and worked on T/A’s and Camaro’s all day long. Also slapped on a 650 cfi Edelbroke carburetor, the original Pontiac carb, of the original 301 engine, was a leaky tub, since replaced: fuel economy skyrocketed!!!! Amongst other things, I also changed the brake Booster and master cylinder, since then, I've got no braking power, they are bled thoroughly, but to no avail. Tried to adjust the compensator, no luck. I've been told that these Chinese Boosters are not of the best quality. I'd like to switch to Wildwood, will see. Also put a Hotchkiss kit, leaf-springs in the back and coil springs in the front, lowered by two inches. I swiped the original 81 seats which where tacky for a 1976 interior. And those HID lights make a world of difference, compared to the original head lights, it really lights up the road: I can see clearly now!!! Desperado Trans Am