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2 of the most legendary Aerostar's battle it out ona cold winter's day ha ha


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Quite possibly the best drift, with the best drifting vehicle, but definitely the sexiest drifter. What else can you ask for?

Removing and installing a car stereo...for a Ford Aerostar Van!!!
David and I took out our am/fm cassette player from our Ford Aerostar Van and installed a am/fm CD player we got from a friend!!! NOTE: You need a special tool for removal of this ford stereo system, its called a DIN TOOL!!! We made ours out of an old wire coat hanger...

Ford Aerostar Actuator Rod Repair
Shows how to remove a steering wheel and replace an actuator rod on a 1996 Ford Aerostar AWD XLT. This is an intense repair and it is important to have all required tools before starting otherwise you can easily get stuck and require a tow truck and a mechanic to complete the repair process. If your vehicle won't turn off (turned on, but now turning the key is doing nothing) and you have a Ford (I can't say all Ford owners will be able to use this advice) then pull the ignition switch out (first thing shown on the video is the ignition switch hanging right below the air bag power connector) and pull that metal pin sticking up towards you. This will turn off your vehicle.

Playing With Our Ford Aerostar In The Snow
G and I playing around with my Aerostar in the snow at crimson lake!

Turbo Minivan
This is MY 1995 turboed 543swap 3.0L Plymouth Grand Voyager. Launched from 2grand and couldnt get traction through first gear.

ford aerostar vs sunfire gt
une van aerostar 4 litre va faire une spine pis va course avec une sunfire gt asser comique

90mph in Ford Aerostar Van
got the van up to 90mph and needle was going nuts, of course, we're all laughing..

Official Ford Aerostar "Van Dam" Commercial
2 1/2 minutes dedicated to the gangsterist vehicle of all-time...the Van Dam!! Aerostar lovers rejoice!! Represent!!

My 93 Ford Aerostar Starts Up After A 7 Year Sleep
Starting it to take it with me when my house gets sold once the water damage is repaired. As I was trying to rock it out of the ground it because it sunk in over the years I did a small burnout with it in the dirt. By the way, doing a burnout with the door open like that. Bad idea, as you can see that I smoked my own ass out. lol This van has served me well. My family took me and my brother on road trips with it and then I took it on my own road trips when I was using it everyday. I parked it in my backyard by my storage unit in 2007 and it hasn't ran or moved since until 1-15-2014. The reason why I parked it was because the overdrive goes on and off until it reaches 70 mph. That and I have to add a quart of oil to the engine before reaching 3,000 miles on an oil change. But it survived my mother over heating it in it's early life before I owned it. It has 271,000 miles on it and I didn't think that it was going to start after sitting for so long with seven year old gas in the tank. But you can see the look on my face in the video that I was impressed that it did. Just by putting a battery in it and getting the starter to loosen up and finally turn the engine over. The reason why I broke the passenger side window is because the door was stuck shut and I was trying to get it open. Why did I park it instead of getting rid of it? Well original I was saving it to take it to Dave's Farm and finish what ever life it had left in it over there. But now I have a new idea. I'm going to take it to a Demolition Derby and have fun with it before junking it. It had a good life and run and now we party.

1994 Ford Aerostar minivan super clean orange county
1994 Ford Aerostar super clean Super clean 1994 Ford Aerostar. freezing AC 4 new tires new oil and transmission fluid change always maintained ( ex corporate van: Yamaha ) 117K original miles in Huntington Beach, CA Just passed smog test...you are set for 2 yrs! $1900 bradpeett@gmail.com

aerostar max speed poland rzeszow
max speed aerostar'a

Legendary Aerostar no shocks, straight pipe
The Legendary 88 Ford Aerostar hoppin' and pipin' around in the cold.....

My other video shows it starting with a hair dryer...
This van runs fine until it sits in cold or wet weather over-night. Needs warm weather and patience to start again... For the last two weeks, it will not start until 1:00pm. This has been happening for over a year. But didn't get real bad until this Fall. But before this issue started, I developed an over-heating problem. After driving about 20 minutes, it would start running bad, and usually stall at Red lights, or when slowing down. After letting it cool for about 5 minutes, I can start it again... But once it gets hot, it takes a long time before it can drive very far... I tried changing the Thermostat, but broke the bolt on one side, and it appears the other bolt will break too if I try to remove it... So I've been limited to driving to about six miles at a time... Now I have to wait until 1:00pm before it starts every day. I can understand a temperature gauge forcing the cars computer to shut down, but what makes it not start after sitting over-night. It appears related to cold weather, but it also has to sit over night before the "non-starting" symptom begins... If you have any ideas, let me know... Thanx

12 second Aerostar does burnout
XLT Ford Aerostar does crazy burnout

Ford Aerostar 1991_Mexico

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1990 Ford Aerostar cargo van AWD: 14.070 @ 92.000
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