model jet engine with what looks like an afterburner

startup and run

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Jet Engine Homemade 2.0 | 2. Testrun
Here you see the second test run to the new jet engine. unfortunately it is not self sustain, so we have to improve some parts of the engine. Please support us here: Our Facebook page: Music: Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release] (CC-License) Sketches: -

Jet engine afterburner test with DIY Gasturbine
Testing new afterburner on my diy gasturbine powered kart, this is a similar engine to the one in Dan Goodwins , Trident Peel car that set a new world record for a peel trident at Santa Pod's, Flame and Thunder 2014. If you would like to know more about these engines look on facebook for diy gasturbines or

Gas Turbine jet S&R PRO

ATJ 120 Ti all new version turbine jet engine ,RC jet , Gas turbine
All new versiono of ATJ-120Ti turbine jet engine, new design best 12kg turbine engine ,台灣第一家生產渦輪噴射引擎公司再次推出 全新改款之ATJ-120Ti 渦輪機 噴射引擎,更優良的設計與性能讓台灣製造的噴射渦輪引 於站穩於國際市場,優良性能國內外肯定~