Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Here's pretty much all the video I took all steamed together.

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Woodward Dream Cruise 2014 in a 427 Cobra
Woodward Dream Cruise Southbound Woodward Ave. Saturday early afternoon. Cruising in a 427 Cobra from Duggans to about 10 Mile Rd. Trying to give viewers an idea of the magnitude of this thing. Check out the people and tents around 13 Mile, around Memorial Park in Royal Oak.

Woodward Dream Cruise 2012 Day 3, Muscle Car's Revving and Launch's, Flames Too!
Thursday night at the Dream Cruise. I got there late but still caught a few gems. First a quick rev off into launches between a Plymouth Barracuda, that was so loud it made the hair on neck stand up at first, a VW Beetle with a full tubbed suspension, wheelie bars and a supercharged engine upfront. Joining the Beetle was also a tubbed out Impala fully blown too! Next we have a Hotrod shooting flames for the crowd. Sorry didn't have more but had limited time and audio issues experimenting with my new external microphone. Let me know if it sounds better to you than the first day in the comments.

2012 Michigan Kappa Club Woodward Dream Cruise
2012 Michigan Kappa Club Woodward Dream Cruise www.michigankappaclub.com

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