Long Beach Pike Amusement Park California

It was a great amusement park called the Long Beach Pike in California. It opened in the turn of the century. It had fun houses, a mirror maze & all sorts of great rides. The Pike had a coaster called 'THE CYCLONE RACER' designed by Harry Traver in 1930. It was a huge coaster but sadly it was demolished in 1968. After that the Pike started to decline! In the late 1970s, the pike became like a skid row! It became a very scary place to be there. In the early years, the Pike was called ' The Walk of A Thousand Lights ' It was like Coney Island. The Pike closed it's doors in the year 1979. By then the Pike was like a junk yard! Why do these things happen?

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Long Beach California's Nu Pike as it was in the 1950's and 1960's. Footage provided by Dennis Morawski.

Revisit The Pike
The Pike in its heyday. Great Color Movies and stories from people who rode the rides and ate in the restaurants. Taken from the Television Series "I Remember Long Beach" For more information visit IrememberLongBeach.com

The Pike
Long Beach's Pike and Nu Pike.

Then & Now - Historical residential buildings in Long Beach
This video slide-show presentation is the result of my research on the history of some of the vintage residential buildings in and around my neighborhood. I often pass by many of these historical landmarks during my morning walks in Long Beach, California. Some of the buildings featured are the majestic Villa Riviera, Ebell Club & Theatre, Cooper Arms building, Breakers Hotel and its famous Sky Room restaurant where some of Hollywood's greatest stars were frequent customers during the early years!