Lamborghini Diablo GT

Lamborghini Diablo GT

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Usertour 2007 with F430,308GTB,Porsche,Lamborghini,M5
Usertour 2007

Lamborghini cruise prt3 diablo sv lp640 roadster murcielago
Lamborghini diablo 6.0 run-irvine to hotel Bel-air (update* May 25 2009 - :) love how happy we were in these videos. LOl commentary is priceless!) the real reason to live in socal(first time to bel air, and guess wat? every house has a bentley in their drive way every red light has a exotic car waiting, we saw maybachs ferrari maserati quatroportte and phantoms only driving through town for 5 minutes) hehe this was fun, but the ride back wasnt, even tho we saw a bentley gt, and an rs4, plus we went like 110 with a porsce gt3, but cmon how boring is that we just followed 15 lambos for 2 hours lamborghinis cruising lp640 mucielago gallardo spyder a lot of diablos. crazy. at one point we had to get gas. and afater about ten minutes we thought we had lost hte lambos. but somehow the lambos were going on the opposite side of us so we just made a u turn. crazy Exhaust lots of fun. one of the lambos tries a drift and spins out. almost hitting the sidewall. crazy orange diablo that did a drift earlier.

Lamborghini Diablo SE30
Lamborghini Diablo SE30 testdrive in Italy

Lamborghini cruise prt 2 diablo gallardo murcielago lp640
lamborghini diablo 6.0 run from irvine to bel-air lambo cruise part 2. cruising. racing. gallardo diablo sv murcielago lp640 roadster. Exhaust sounds. fun crazy exciting